It’s good to be back! So we are going to try to not bore you to death with a giant COVID wall of text that you’ve seen from countless other restaurants and companies, but there IS some things we need to talk about as we start things back up again.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Simply put, we will be going above and beyond any local, state, federal or CDC recommendations concerning COVID-19. Just like we do not compromise on food, we do not compromise on the well being of our staff and our customers.

HOURS: For the first couple weeks at least, we will not be open for lunch on weekdays or offering lunch menu on weekends. Weekday hours are 4:30-9:00, and weekend hours are 11:30-9:00 with the dinner menu available (you can get half-sized portions of pasta dishes if its too early to carb up!)

MENU: We’ve consolidated the menu a little bit to start. Do not worry, all of your favorites like lasagna, Neri, Scoglio and Tallegio are all still there. And we’ve added a few things as well, like Crab Bruschetta, Eggplant Rolini (the happy hour and private party favorite!) and CARTOCCIO is a permanent addition to the menu as well!

SEATING: So there’s a lot of space in the restaurant now, and we plan on utilizing most of it so everyone has a comfortable experience. Our upstairs banquet room is now a normal dining room, and has some nice window high top tables that give you a great view of Harbor East. Please also note that we cannot accommodate parties above 6 people for the foreseeable future, and those tables are on the 2nd floor as well.

Another note:  We will be using disposable menus in addition/instead of the QR code, and we will be using paper napkins this week while we do a little bit of research on the safety of using cloth napkins as well.

That’s it for now, you can certainly shoot us a message if you have further questions. We will be rolling out a new way for curbside pickup as well, and have some other things in store as well. Can’t wait to see you all again, we’ll figure it out together!

P.S. Chef was at the farm this morning and is stuffing some zucchini flowers as we speak. Welcome back!”